I first encountered Paprika Patterns via their adorable folded mini skirt tutorial, which has since been released as an official pay-what-you-want pattern. Late last year, I was just thinking that I should give it a try, when I received an invitation to test their next pattern: a sweatshirt / sweaterdress with a unique collar/hood. Up until then I'd been very good at telling myself that I am NOT purposefully avoiding my first set-in sleeves. Nooo sir. I just so happen to only like patterns that have cap kimono or no sleeves. Really. *gulp*. But as I learned with the Ginger Jeans, the best way to face your sewing fears is to promise someone else that you will. With a deadline. 

Just to be clear, my comments are based on testing the unfinished product and the final version of the pattern is a bit different from what we were given. For example, rather than separate side panels the pattern now has princess seams. So take this post with a grain of salt (by the way how did this expression come to be as a sign one should be cautious? To me everything tastes better, not worse, with a grain of salt! :)).