Emboldened by my success with the cargo pants to skirt refashion, I returned to Goodwill in search for another pair of pants to make into a skirt. But this time I wanted to make something more respectable -- a maxi skirt. Right away, I found a pair of brand new pinstriped suiting pants that had the widest pant legs I had ever seen! I felt like I could shimmy my whole body inside just one of them. It was so absurd! I bet everyone laughed at their wearer (which I guess is a clue as to how they ended up in Goodwill). The poor things were begging to be a skirt. It's as if the evil fairy godmother showed up and said "and in the last minute of your creation, you will become pants!" So I took it upon myself to bring justice to their little world.

I don’t have a lot of experience with refashioning (also called upcycling, meaning to modify an existing garment to give it a new look). I have attempted it a couple of times, but my very first is still probably my favorite.

I was going to an underground music party and wanted something that was edgy yet comfy enough for dancing, and that would keep me warm but look sexy at the same time. So I went to Goodwill to look for something to play with. I found a $6 pair of cargo pants that fit me well in the waist and butt and had these cool front, back, and leg pockets with leather details. I checked the label: Cedella Marley. When I googled it later I discovered that the last name is not a coincidence! I took that as an encouraging sign.