Hi! I am Sena. By day (and, since I'm a night owl, often by night as well) I am a psychological scientist. Technically I am "a psychologist", but most people associate this occupation with therapy or counseling, which is not what I do. Psychological scientists are usually academics who teach and conduct research on how the mind works, why people are the way they are, why they think, feel, and behave the way we do, what makes them sick, in love, happy, prejudiced, good parents, and a myriad other things. I love what I do. I love science. And I love telling people about both

But I also have an artistic or creative side that isn't satisfied by my profession. For years I've yearned for projects that, unlike research, are concrete and tangible and when I'm done with them I am really done. So I can hold them in my hand and feel like I've completed something. Science is never completed. Answering one question leads to 100 more. And that can be daunting and, at times, it leaves me deeply unfulfilled.

To combat this I sometimes make things or help my friends make things. I've helped my friends with building interactive public artcontraptions for a science faire campaign, art for Burnining Man*, a cat tree, candles, decorative mason jars, DIY cosmetics**. Most recently I've started sewing, or learning how to sew at least. I mostly make clothing, tote bags, and small leather accessories.  This is my current obsession and how I spend my weekends and procrastinate work on weekdays. 

* The first three make me sound cooler than I am; it's actually my friends that are cool. I just help out when I can
** The next four make me sound like an old cat lady with too many hobbies. Which is closer to the truth :).

My friends and family (mostly my awesome mom) are always asking me what I am making, so instead of spending all this time sending her phone photos of my latest makes and boring her with hour-long play-by-plays of my sewing travails, I decided to make a blog. I wondered what to call it for weeks until one day I just decided to tell the truth. Sewing as it turns out is really, REALLY, hard! The most common thing I make is mistakes. Here you can find my latest creations, pattern reviews and tests, refashion/upcycling and costuming projects, tutorials, various tips I've picked up along the way, and SO so so many mistakes to avoid!  

I hope this is a place every sewist can visit and feel better about her or his own mishaps. There are worse cases than yours! I have proof :). Welcome and I hope you say hi!


10/28/2014 7:09am

Hi Sena, Just wanted to say Great Blog!! And well done for your jeans, they are brilliant and make me hope to complete some soon!!
I just wanted to say though, that your website it quite difficult to navigate through, it would be much easier if at the end of each post there was an option to go to previous or next post. Just an idea!
Good luck with the sewing, I will certainly be keeping an eye on what you make next!!

10/30/2014 4:18pm

Hi Heather and thanks for saying hi and for the kind words! I LOVE your idea about the previous and next buttons. I went to try and add them and apparently the website building tool I am using (Weebly) doesn't have that or anything like it! I am so disappointed. I am told I should rebuild my entire page in Wordpress if I want all the features but Wordpress is well beyond my website design skills :(. Do you know of any user-friendly tools besides Weebly that might offer the Previous or Next buttons? I'd love to add those as I agree, it is hard to navigate without them! Thanks so much!


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