Emboldened by my success with the cargo pants to skirt refashion, I returned to Goodwill in search for another pair of pants to make into a skirt. But this time I wanted to make something more respectable -- a maxi skirt. Right away, I found a pair of brand new pinstriped suiting pants that had the widest pant legs I had ever seen! I felt like I could shimmy my whole body inside just one of them. It was so absurd! I bet everyone laughed at their wearer (which I guess is a clue as to how they ended up in Goodwill). The poor things were begging to be a skirt. It's as if the evil fairy godmother showed up and said "and in the last minute of your creation, you will become pants!" So I took it upon myself to bring justice to their little world.
The process was similar to my previous pants-to-skirt refashion: open up crotch seam, overlap, sew. It took less than an hour. The only hard part was the bottom hem. For some reason straight stitches looked weird and kept bunching up. So I tried a few decorative options and settled on this wave-like one. Easy as it was, I wasn't happy with the finished product. It felt SO severe and masculine!. I am not sure why that was surprising for a garment that used to be pants! But I was surprised and disappointed all the same. I came up with all these desperate elaborate notions of adding a feminine edge by covering some of the pinstripes by long thin stretches of lace. I bought something like 10 yards of lace from JoAnn's, not realizing JoAnn's is not the best value for such things (this was before I discovered L.A.'s Fabric District). However, once home I laid out the lace like I had imagined it would go and hated it! Feeling depressed and out of ideas, I abandoned the project for a while. 

Some time later I needed to come up with a cowboy-themed outfit for another music campout events, this time in the forest instead of the desert. Around the same time I had found a bunch of pre-made, ~12-in long lace corsetted plackets (I think that's what it's called?). Ta-da! Inspiration! Surely my severe, masculine pant-skirt will no longer be so after I add a thigh-high split that is coresetted with lace! Bwuahaha! Bonus: I could control the height of the slit by opening or closing the lacing! I could not be more pleased with this solution. 

To attach the lace corset panel I had to come up with a thigh split. Since the skirt didn't have one I decided that I could get away with having the entire thing off-center and use the side seam as my slit. So the waist closure ends up sitting to the right of my thorso rather than centered, but since I always wear this skirt with a belt anyway you can't really tell. And I like to think that the pinstripes conceal the fact that there is an off-centered ex-side seam running along the back of my right leg. Oh well. (Of course, I also could rotate the skirt to its proper position and just have the thigh split be a side split but I just don't like the way it looks as much.)

All in all, I considered this project a moderate success. Granted, the whole thing ended up looking so weird it could only be worn as a costume, and it is in fact the only way I've ever worn it. But one thing is for certain - those pants are no longer sad!



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