I've always loved the flirty femininity of assymetrical hemlines. About 6 months ago I fell in love with what can be described as an "extreme hi-lo" designer tank that was as assymetrical as they come, but it cost an arm and a leg and didn't fit me all that well. As ithe design didn't seem terribly complicated, I thought I'd try to make my own. Because it's so long in the back, when I walk it kind of floats up in the air behind me, so my boyfriend immediately dubbed it the Superhero Cape shirt (the subtle distinctions between shirts tanks and tees evades him). It's not a perfect copy, but I love it even more than the original. And wearing it makes me so happy! I'm already planning to make more.
I didn't want to risk an expensive fabric so I picked this crinkled shiffon (I think!) from L.A.'s fabric district and went to play, using a pattern I traced from a pijama top that I'd just received from my mom (so it was not yet misshapen from wear and wash like all my other tops).

Tracing a pattern from an existing garment is not as easy as all the sewing tutorials out there would make you believe (you know what I'm talking about? All the Pinterest pins saying "The Easiest Knit Dress," then you click and find out you have to trace an existing top which alone takes an hour!)! Tracing the back is easy but tracing the front neckline, given that there is fabric that comes up higher undearneath is always hard for me. As a result the neckline is much wider than I'd planned and the straps slide down my (already slanted) shoulders with ease. And the transition between the short front and long back could be much smoother. Oh well. Next time.

The neckline and straps saw my first attemt at self-made bias tape binding. It was so so. But because of the weird, cheap, crinkly twisty fabric, you can't really tell how messed up and uneven the bindings are. Sweet! For the hem, I just folded it under (just once, the recklessness of the novice!) and stitched it using a decorative wave-like stitch. It didn't look right using a straight stitch. This was all before I had bought my serger (Oh Glorious Device of Pure Magic!), so I suspect that sooner or later I will have to unpick, serge, and redo. But for now it's held up in washing.

I also have to be extremely careful with it. It is easy to forget that the backside is so long, and the last time I wore it out it got chewed up by an escalator! I managed to snatch it from its grip on time, so it didn't rip. But it did get a bunch of machine grease on it which was a gigantic pain to wash off (yay dish detergent!). But it did come out!


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